Can my system interfere with a neighbour’s system?
No, the modules and sensors are paired to the system during the initial set up so they can only take instruction from its parent system.

Will my system interfere with other wi-fi/Bluetooth devices?
No, the system actually communicates via Z-Wave, which is a protocol that acts similar to Wi-Fi but operates on a much lower frequency (868.5mHz). Z-Wave is the only protocol on this frequency. Having its own, distinguished band that is separate from Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and RF (Radio Frequency) allows Z-Wave systems to operate without interference from other devices.

Is my system safe from hackers?
ZWave wireless protocol is superior to WiFi and other competing standards. Using encryption keys between Z-wave devices and the controller the  Z-Wave employs AES128 using a onetime value for each frame sent to/from devices.

How many users can access the system?

Is the control unit supposed to get hot?
Yes the controlling unit is housed in a custom milled aluminium enclosure which is both aesthetically pleasing and thermally conducting. After prolonged use, the case is hot to the touch therefore it’s not advisable to stack anything on top. The passive heat sink means no fans, so the Home Centre 2 is entirely silent in operation.

Does ingeny@home work with Nest?
Yes, there is a plug-in available that comes standard with the system so it works out of the box.

Does ingeny@home work with Sonos?

Can ingeny@home control lighting, heating, air conditioning, my television, electric shades/blinds, garage door, etc.?
Yes, we can accommodate most household items by fitting a tiny module allowing you to control these items from our simple app.

Can I link my existing CCTV cameras to the system?
If you have network cameras and they are compatible we can incorporate them. We can use PIR to detect movement and to email a still photo to an off-site email address.

Can I link my home alarm to the system?
If your existing alarm has an Ethernet connection and has control login capability then the likelihood is it can be controlled remotely.  If not you may need to make some adjustments, all of which we can advise during a survey.