Ingeny@home is the new wire-free home automation system, which brings together the control of your home. Using the latest wireless technology, Ingeny@home connects directly to your appliances to create an advanced home automation solution.

We can help you effectively manage and monitor your lighting and heating, offer you a range of security features, and what is more, provide you with wireless controlled window blinds and amazing Sonos wi-fi entertainment systems.

  • The most simple and efficient way to get home automation
  • Latest wireless technology for straightforward installation and control
  • Understanding and responding to the way you live
  • Hassle-free installation with no damage or need for redecoration

user friendly and intuitive interface
Using the Ingeny custom app, manage and monitor your home from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Ingeny@home is simple to operate from any room in your home or when you are away. With just one click control your home electrics or create a command where the system will do it for you automatically.

intelligent control
Ingeny@home is an intelligent control system and responds to the way you live. If you are away and leave the heating on, you can receive a message asking if you want to turn it off. You can even see who is at the door as the system can instantly send images from your CCTV system to your smartphone or tablet.

Install our compact motion sensors in your home. They not only detect if someone is in the room, they also determine temperature and lighting levels. They can identify when it is evening and automatically increase brightness of your lighting, in or outside your home. Want to save on your energy bills? Ingeny@home can turn off your electrical devices when you leave home to save on power.

wireless control
Ingeny@home uses Z-Wave wireless technology, which operates a “mesh network” that uses repeating signals to deliver a reliable automation solution throughout the building. The wide range of sensors, control modules and wall plugs communicate with the central control system to monitor and manage all areas of the home environment, adapting to any changes effortlessly improve your comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

easy installation
The control modules and battery powered sensors can be fitted in a matter of minutes, with no additional wiring and drilling. In fact, these sensors have a battery-life of up to five years and are so discrete they can be put anywhere and attached with a single screw, self-adhesive strip or just placed on a surface, making it so simple to install.